Materials and Finish

All wood art works are made with a carefully selected wood planks.The dimensions vary from 3 to 10 wide and about 1 inch deep.

The image is transferred on the surface with the state-of-the art digital technology that allows the original wood texture to stand out, adding a remarkable and unique natural elegancy. Every piece is manually crafted from selecting an eco -natural wood planks and adding an image that fits the envision of the author of the artwork. The texture of wood plays a key role to ensure it complements the artwork.

Something to keep in mind, if you order your own image to be placed on the artwork, it might come out in a slightly adjusted shade. However, we will do our best to make it look close to the original as it possible.


We offer a variety of pre-treated and certified wood that should justify anyone's desires:

Format N 1

A freshly cut and treated wood from ecological areas.The finish of this wood is very fine and it will work well in your office ,conference room,hotellobby or home.This could be a great and very unique addition to an overall interior design concept.It will compliment all elements in the area and add a distinguish touch.

Format N 2

A reclaimed / vintage wood that was previously used in the building of another structure that has been disassembled. No matter what it's original function, reclaimed lumber is usually of a quality you can't find in stores today. Much of this recycled wood dates back prior to modern.