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Development and creation of individual design

Dear friends, you have unique possibility to order the panels creation with an individual design, which perfectly fits into your interior.Please ,formulate the task for us about the desirable image design, sizes and send us several examples by email We will pick up the image for you free of charge! If you have your picture ready, send it to us and we will create a panel with it!!!

The way to order:

If you want to get the panel with your own image:

1. Send us photo in the high resolution (at least 2000 pixels)
2. Specify the format (old or new boards)
3. Infofm us about the things, which you want to connect your portrait with (nature, architecture, animals)
4. Specify the method of the image printing
5. Your addres and contacts for delivery

A panel creation with your portrait and any image In DigitalArtstyle

Within 7 days we will send you 3 designs to choose.Upon approval it is possible to start making panels

Production time, payment and delivery

Payment is made .....

Production time 15 days

Free shipping

We wait for your orders here

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